Tamper Evident Bags

Qline manufacture one of the most secured packaging solution – “ tamper evident bags “ these bags offer various form of tampering of a package. These bags are manufactured from 60 - 100 microns co extruded ldpefilm . It has special security seal withvoid letters which shows evidence of tampering.

Optional Features:


These bags are widely used for transit of highly confidential documents, precious items like

  • Examination papers.
  • Passport.
  • Evidence for police dept.
  • Batch samples.
  • Credit/debit card
  • Currency
  • confidential documents
  • aviation
  • forensic labs
  • gold loan etc..


  • Manufactured from 60- 100 micron coextruded ldpe films.
  • High security tape which shows void letters if a attempt is made to tamper the package.
  • Unique sequential bar code and numbering for easy tracking & identification of package.
  • Security edge prints on the 3 side with twin seal on the side of bag to prevent side tampering
Tamper Evident Bags
Tamper Evident Bags

Extra Strong

Tamper Evident Bags


Tamper Evident Bags

Multiple Size

Tamper Evident Bags


Tamper Evident Bags

Marker Friendly